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Ford is the name known for its performance and quality in its 100 years of existence in the field of car manufacturing. Founded by Henry Ford in the year 1903, the brand is renowned for innovation and its value for money. One of the big three manufacturers in the United States of America, Ford is famous for its SUVs and trucks. The first model to be unveiled from Ford Motor Company is the Model A. Ford named its products with alphabets and the best-selling series in America was the F-series. On the whole, the best-known model of the company is the T-series which was popular during 1908-1927. Statistics says that 16.5 million American users have got the car in its 20 years of existence. In the year 1925, Ford Motor Company purchased Lincoln Motor Company in the process of expanding its market to the luxury-car segment. Ford was successful in this venture and in late 1930, it unveiled the sleek Lincoln Zephyr which created a record of manufacturing 25 millions cars. Ford was also concentrating on the mid-sized cars by creating its Mercury division. After the second world war, the company could meet the expectations of the customers in the form of Thunderbird which was a perfect combination of performance and luxury features. During mid 60s the manufacturer released sporty Mustang targeting stylish as well as performance-oriented buyers. Mustang was popular among the buyers and due to political change and change in customer requirements, the next decade was terrible for Ford. During 90s Ford regained its market with its mid size SUV, Explorer. In 1999 and 2000 Ford expanded its platform by buying Volvo's car division and Land Rover. Due to increase in the cost and competition, Ford sold Aston Martin, Jaguar and Land Rover and retained only Volvo and Mazda.

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