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It is quite common now for millions of people to travel across different countries for various purposes such as attending work related meetings, higher education, visiting family or simply holidaying. These travellers have a wonderful and enjoyable experience which they can recall all their lives. However at the same time, it is possible that they might face unpredictable situations like a medical emergency, loss of baggage, losing ones passport, even an accident, or a delay in getting their baggage..., all of these can result in a loss of their valuable time, energy and money. The people would fear and will be unaware of the quick steps to be taken. The solution to this problem would be to purchase an insurance plan and to stay secured from these problems.TATA AIG travel insurance plan provides many helpful coverages for travellers and prevents them from wasting money if they face an emergency. One of India's largest and leading company is Tata AIG which is concerned with the travel insurance. To save ones time and energy a traveller can buy TATA AIG travel insurance policy online. Tata AIG travel product sets standards on service excellence, worldwide coverage and value for money without ignoring ease of purchase and quick claims settlement.Many travel insurance plans offered by Tata AIG General insurance namely Travel Guard Insurance, Asia Guard Insurance, Annual MultiTrip Insurance, Student Insurance, Domestic Guard Insurance and Senior Citizen Insurance. A minimum coverage of 50,000 USD to a maximum of 5 lakh USD is provided by these plans. These plans can be selected by the traveller which they find most suitable. Asia Guard Insurance plan can be purchased by those people who are travelling to the Asian countries, Annual MultiTrip Insurance can be bought by people who travel multiple times yearly, Student Insurance can be purchased by students who are travelling abroad to pursue their studies, Domestic Guard Insurance can be purchased by travellers who are travelling within India and Senior Citizen Insurance can be bought by a tourist aged between 71 and 79 years.

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