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Wanting to know how to astral travel but you are struggling to finally let go and experience the wonderful joys of astral projection? Astral projection is not difficult, in fact it is a completely natural process that requires less thought than most give it. If you are looking to finally learn how to astral travel, this article will help you achieve your first out of body experience.One of the most important things to remember when you are learning how to astral travel is that your conscious mind is usually what is holding you back. Although allowing your astral body to leave your physical one takes practice, most will hinder their attempts by simply thinking too much.Astral travel to most seems out of this world, surreal and somewhat strange but this is what is holding most people back. If you have any skepticism or fear you are almost completely ruining your chance to learn how to astral travel properly.First things first. Silencing your mind is the most critical component. This is where practice makes perfect but using some relaxation techniques such as those for self hypnosis and mediation can help greatly.

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