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An advantage of airplanes is that they make the world a much smaller place. Places that were once inaccessible or at the very least, very difficult to reach are much simpler to visit. Locations which are far away, so far away that it could take days or perhaps weeks, or even months to travel to in another era, are only a couple of hours away. There is no place on the Earth which is more than 15 or 20 hours away at any time.It really is amazing how much it has opened travel up to the world. In the past, and I am talking about before airplanes, travel was restricted to the very rich. Especially travel for the sake of pleasure and relaxation. If you were traveling to the New World or to a new destination to stay, it was a one way trip that was very dangerous and very expensive.So, even with every one of the headaches that air travel has brought upon the modern world, it really is a comfort that a lot of men and women could not do without. The cost of an airline ticket, altered for inflation, is much less than it was fifty years ago, or when the idea of air travel was at its most popular and most glamorous. People often grumble of the expense and the hassle of traveling by airplane, and there are some hassles that are bothersome and it does cost you a little bit of money in advance, but in relative terms it is not more expensive than traveling by car or truck.

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