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Traveling abroad for business purposes can be exhausting. This is especially true when you are traveling to countries that will require you to begin functioning in yourprofessional capacity as soon as you arrive. It is important therefore, to do some planning and preparation prior to leaving, so that you will be alert and ready to begin workingwith minimal lag time. If you are just starting a career that requires foreign travel, there are some simple steps that will help you to manage your time and be more effective.Ship brochures, marketing materials, and other documents to your hotel in advance. When you are packing items to be shipped ahead of time, include office suppliesthat may be difficult to find once you arrive. Include tape, poster pins, extra pens, and name labels if you will be doing a presentation. Contact the hotel makearrangements to have your boxes held at the front desk until you check-in. Timing for shipping is critical if you are shipping overseas, so it will be important to senditemusing a shipper that provides these services to businessmen on a regular basis.When you are packing your carry-on bag, include a brightly colored, plastic envelopeto hold your passport and other important documents. You can also save time by having enough currency exchanged into the denomination of the country you are going to for payment of taxis, car services, and tips.

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