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Yes, believe it or not etiquette is involved in plane travel! Recently I read that along with common courtesy when flying, plane travel does have some simple rules of etiquette one should follow.Here's a little run down on what I've discovered and really just involves a little common courtesy and consideration for others.I've tried to list these plane travel courtesies beginning with what I feel is most important. Of course everyone is different in this respect but again, these are just some travel tips that could make plane travel more enjoyable for everyone.For me the most important point to cover in plane travel etiquette is Courtesy.Being polite and courteous with others can go a long way! It's especially important to show respect and appreciation for your flight crew. These people work hard and put up with a great deal of disrespect during plane travel and showing some common courtesy will be greatly appreciated and get you a lot more attention and pampering than those people that are not. We all want to travel safely and having someone onboard that is rude, obnoxious and demanding can certainly cause a great deal of tension for all. So be polite!Second on my list involves personal hygiene. Plane travel involves being trapped in small confined spaces, sitting just inches apart from others for hours on end.

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