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If you are interested in a travel club, you certainly have choices. But the question likely lingering in your mind is, which is the best one for your needs?Look, there are many vacation clubs out there but there are those in which you will be much more money for the same type of travel benefits when it comes to luxury travel. There are some clubs that will give you more for your money and will actually charge you more for being a member. Beware, because not all clubs are created equally. I have priced other clubs that will charge you about 3x more than what a competing club charges for the same luxury travel for less.Members can enjoy total saving of up to 80% on travel related expenses. If you want to save on travel at Resorts, Cruise Lines, Hotel Chains and have access to every other vacation related service members at the highest level of quality (4 - 5 Star Resorts) at discounts you cannot get anywhere else when it comes to vacation deals, you owe it to yourself to seriously consider joining a membership because after you take your first trip, you literally recoup the one-time payment of being a member after one vacation.

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