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Calling for a taxi is the most trusted way to travel particularly at nighttime. In rural areas, you need to be very careful and look for the official taxi markings, the company that the taxi works for, and the licensing documents. If you are not sure which taxi cab service companies are reputable, obtain information at the information desk, hotel front desk, shop cashier, restaurant personnel, or even staff. In case you don't feel certain that the taxi offering you a ride is reliable, go with your instinct and give it a pass. Most reputable cabs will have meters and two-way radios installed. Search for these things before getting in. Each and every cab ought to have a two-way radio to be able to coordinate activities with a dispatcher. In case it does not, look for another cab. If you can't find a metered taxi cab, always settle the charge upfront with whatever non-metered taxis you do hail. In case you're a tourist, you will not have a lot of bargaining power if you are not very knowledgeable about your surroundings. When the taxi cab driver says the journey costs $5, you can try and bargain for less, but just to be sure, you should be ready to pay $5. If possible, make sure you have small bills. Cab drivers will not always be willing or able to break large notes, and there's almost no chance of him or her allowing you to get away with a free ride.

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