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Thinking of a new thing to do in Australia when a travel companion has just cancelled at the last minute and you have already signed up for cheap travel insurance and filed for a week of paid office leave? It shouldn't be hard, think of The Ghan.Taking the The Ghan across the outback and through the heart of the Land Down Under is truly one of the greatest train journeys in the world. The railway ride takes you from one edge of the continent through the outback, and to the other end. Spend three days one-way and enjoy how the landscape changes from mesmerizing subtropic environment into mystifying deserts, and vice versa.Construction of the original Ghan, then known as the Port Augusta to Government Gums Railway, was started in 1878 and was completed in 1929. The new one we now know today was completed in the early 1980s and is situated approximately 160 kilometres west of the old line. This track was constructed to prevent washout due to rain and to shorten the travel time.

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