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he capital coastal city of Peru, Lima, is a great place to spend a few days. The city is full of historical buildings, great restaurants, and beautiful parks that overlook the surfers in the ocean below. However, if you'd like to see what is in the surrounding areas, here are several day or weekend trips you can take from Lima.Paracas: Paracas is a weekend trip from Lima. You take a bus to either Paracas or the nearby town of Pisco, and the ride is several hours. The main attraction Paracas is a national reserve and includes the lovely Islas Ballesticas. These islands are full of marine wildlife, especially bird species. You're also likely to see many sea lions sunning themselves on rocks.Pachacamac: It is a good half-day or day trip away from Lima. These ruins of an ancient city built more than 1,000 years ago are a nice place to walk around. The ruins are not yet fully uncovered, although archeologists are still working on it. The weather is usually much nicer here than in Lima, so if you're looking for some sun, head this way.Lunahuana: If you're looking for some adventure activities, Lunahuana is a great option. White water rafting is very popular on the Chillon River here. The river is highest from November until April. If you' looking for something more mild, you should visit outside of this season. You can also go hiking and horseback riding in this region.

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