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When traveling we all want to have plenty money on hand to acquire the things we want. However, carrying excessive sums of funds can create security risk and mark us for robbers. Travelers checks alleviate some of the risk against theft but has other disadvantages. Travelers checks still require you to use paper funds, which can mark you as a target for criminals, and once your checks are gone it can be inconvenient to get more. Using prepaid travel cards can eliminate all these problems as well as assist consumers with budgeting and following expenses.In the unfortunate event that your reloadable card is missing or ripped off the card can easily be cancelled, making the card worthless and guarding your savings. Since the card's charges are taken from a reloadable account, instead of a line of credit, your credit report is protected from damage that would be done by identity thieves if you had been using a traditional credit card. Some companies, in the event of theft or loss, are able to quickly issue new cards or provide emergency cash to the traveler. Since the card is not attached to your bank account, like a debit card, you don't have to worry about your checking account being drained if the card goes missing.

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