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America along with being the economic superpower is also an attractive holiday destination for travelers from across the globe. There are innumerable attractions in America for holiday goers ranging from man made theme parks, amazing cities, beautiful beaches, awesome mountain ranges, and pristine national parks. Among the most visited tourist destinations in the US are the thundering falls of Niagara near the Canadian border, Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, New York's Statue of Liberty, Miami Beach, Yosemite and Yellowstone National Parks, Times Square and the several attractions in New York City, the Washington D.C. National Mall and Memorial Parks, the Las Vegas Casinos, Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Fisherman's Wharf and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, the list is endless... Tourists to America can explore many more destinations than those mentioned here. Tourists can visit these places and relish both the natural and the man made wonders of America. There are many lavish hotels in the US known for their exclusivity in luxury and hospitality for international travelers. Travelers can plan their holiday online and reserve their accommodation in any of the hotel that best suits their tastes and preferences.

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